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  • Press Release| November 9, 2015 NEW Action Thriller Release: The Phone

    Presented by new director Kim Bong-joo, time-travel suspense flick “The Phone” offers a cast with excellent thriller credentials in this year alone. 

    Lead actor Son Hyun-ju (“Chronicles of Evil”) plays Ko Dong-ho, a corporate lawyer who decides to leave his job because of the constant death threats -- only to have his wife Yeon-su (Uhm Ji-won of “The Silenced”) murdered on his last day, with no clues leading to the murderer. 

    The movie speeds forward one year to the anniversary of Yeon-su’s death. Dong-ho is struggling to cope with his loss and still obsessed with the unsolved crime. Then, he suddenly gets a call from his wife -- who is still alive and well, one year ago. 

    Dong-ho begins his mission to find a way to save his wife by speaking to her on the phone, which connects them although they are in worlds a year apart. But soon, he finds himself being chased down by Do Jae-hyun (Bae Sung-woo, “Office”), who hunts Yeon-su in 2014 while hunting Dong-ho in 2015.

    Fast-paced and smartly cut, “The Phone” can be a bit difficult to follow at times because the story takes place simultaneously in two time settings. But Son Hyun-ju and Bae Sung-woo prove to be apt adversaries who keep the plot a fair fight until the film’s end, and the movie moves along quickly enough to spare the audience the need to understand every plot detail.

    By Won Ho-jung (

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