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  • Press Release| October 21, 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Korean Film History -- Festival Schedule

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    NOVEMBER 5-7, 2015


    Conversations with Director JK Yoon of “Ode to My Father” and

    HWANG Dong-hyuk of “Miss Granny” to follow screenings


    Two special screenings of BONG Joon-ho films including premiere of

    Digitally remastered “Memories of Murder” and

    Rare showing of “Mother” in black and white


    Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2015 This year marks the 20th anniversary of Asia’s leading studio CJ Entertainment, the signature film division of major media and content company CJ E&M. To commemorate this milestone, the studio will be rolling out some of the most beloved films in their library over the course of three days (November 5 – 7) at CGV Cinemas (621 Western Ave) in Los Angeles, providing a complete picture of CJ Entertainment’s success as they close out their first two decades. Since 1995, CJ Entertainment has been at the forefront of the Korean entertainment industry and a catalyst for South Korea’s industry presence globally.  


    Two of Korea’s most important and influential directors will be in attendance at the celebration: JK Yoon, director of “Ode to My Father,” and HWANG Dong-hyuk, director of “Miss Granny.” The esteemed directors will field questions from the audience following the screenings of their respective films. JK Yoon’s, “Ode to My Father,” was the 2nd most watched Korean film and made among top 10 highest grossing foreign films in 2014 in North America. “Ode to my Father,” the story of a man and his family whose epic life is intertwined with Korean history after escaping from the North will open the festival, and “Miss Granny,” a quirky tale of an elderly woman who gets to relive being twenty years old again, will play on the closing night.  


    One of the festival highlights will be the newly remastered “Memories of Murder,” the critically acclaimed psychological thriller from internationally renowned auteur BONG Joon-ho (“The Host,” “Snowpiercer”). Festivalgoers who are fans of Director BONG are also in for a double treat as “Celebrating 20 Years of Korean Film History” Presented by CJ Entertainment will offer them the rare opportunity to see the chilling mystery, “Mother” converted into black and white. This version has only been shown to the public a small handful of times before this festival.



    Screening Schedule: “Celebrating 20 Years of Korean Film History”


    November 5

    ·         7:00 pm – “Ode to My Father” **Amid the time of Korean War, a young boy's vow to take care of his family marked the beginning of a lifelong promise spanning 60 years.

    ·         10:15 pm – “Haeundae” An underwater earthquake triggers a tsunami that devastates a South Korean resort town.


    November 6

    ·         5:00 pm: – “Mother” (B/W) – A mother desperately searches for the killer who framed her son for a girl's horrific murder.

    ·         7:45 pm – “Thirst” - Through a failed medical experiment, a priest is stricken with vampirism and is forced to abandon his ascetic ways.

    ·         10:30 pm – “Masquerade” Though it places his own life in danger, a look-alike commoner (LEE Byung-Hun) secretly takes the place of a poisoned king to save his country from falling into chaos.


    November 7

    ·         10:00 am – “The Unjust” A serial killer targeting elementary school students is on the loose. When the most probable suspect dies in custody and the case looks like it’s reached a dead end, high ranking police brass decide to create a killer – and anyone will do. Though Detective Choi Cheol-gi boasts an incredible number of arrests over his career, his rank never showed it. He decides that this is his last chance at professional redemption. He makes a deal with mob boss Jang Seok-gu, who he has been investigating, and together they decide to set up one of the existing suspects as the serial killer. The only hurdle in their plan is public prosecutor Joo Yang, who takes on the case. Joo himself had been involved in a deal with the boss of a rival criminal organization. When the secret deals and back alley agreements start to come to light, it only serves to drag Choi, Joo, Jang, and Kim deeper and deeper into a dark hole of questionable ethics and abuse of the law.

    ·         12:30 pm – “Memories of Murder”Based on the true story of Korea's first serial murder in history, which took place between 1986 and 1991 in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province. SONG Kang-ho and KIM Sang-kyungstar as Detective Park and Detective Seo, respectively, two of the detectives trying to solve the crimes.

    ·         3:15 pm – “Roaring Currents”  –  In 1597, Korean Adm. Yi leads 12 warships into the Battle of Myeong-Nyang against the formidable Japanese navy.

    ·         5:50 pm – “Miss Granny” ** – An elderly woman (NA Moon-hee) regains her youthful appearance, changes her name and embarks on a quest for happiness.


    ** Director will take the stage for a special Q&A session following the screening.


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    Launched in 2005, CJ Entertainment America (CJ Ent.Am) is the U.S. arm of Asia’s premier entertainment company and Korea’s #1 filmmaker and distributor, CJ Entertainment & Media (CJ E&M). Since 1995, CJ E&M has provided original, award-winning content – across an array of genres, including drama, comedy, action, sci-fi/horror and special interest – for theatrical, television, DVD, digital download, interactive game publishing/portals and music. The cornerstone of the Korean entertainment industry – boasting the country’s largest and most significant library, with hundreds of films – CJ E&M is also a singular presence throughout Asia, Europe and in the United States and a key force in popularizing contemporary Korean and Pan-Asian cinema around the world. Top films include Snowpiercer, The Man From Nowhere; The Good, the Bad, the Weird; A Bittersweet Life; Joint Security Area; and the Vengeance trilogy, to name a few. Visit us online at: