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  • Press Release| June 20, 2014 [READ] Jang Dong-gun Violently Atones in ‘No Tears for the Dead’- NY Times Review

    A Hit Man Repents, With Barrels Blazing

    Jang Dong-gun Violently Atones in ‘No Tears for the Dead’



    In “No Tears for the Dead,” the writer and director Lee Jeong-beom’s convoluted and stylish new action film, a South Korean-born, American-raised hit man with abandonment issues is assigned to assassinate the mother of a little girl he accidentally killed during an earlier hit. (We see this incident in a prologue, scored to a jazz club rendition of “Smooth Operator.”)

    The mother may possess a file that contains financial details about a group of Chinese triads’ offshore accounts — a file the earlier shootout was intended to recover. But, naturally, Gon (Jang Dong-gun), the assassin, feels guilty about executing Mogyeong (Kim Min-hee), who grieves as she watches footage of her dead daughter. Gon’s decision to become Mogyeong’s guardian angel sets off a wave of violent reprisals.

    “No Tears for the Dead” is a feat of structural ingenuity. While Gon and Mogyeong speak face to face early on — he meets his target in an elevator without revealing his identity — they spend most of the movie communicating by cellphone, as the space between them fills up with potential threats, including a team of assassins from Los Angeles and possibly corrupt cops.


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