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  • Press Release| April 20, 2014 Indie Trailer Sunday: Jeong-beom Lee's 'No Tears for the Dead' Teaser

    "Who... are you?" Today's indie trailer is the first official teaser for a kinetic South Korean action film titled No Tears for the Dead, from Jeong-beom Lee of the 2010 revenge film The Man from Nowhere. In this new film, Jang Dong-gun stars along with Kim Min-hee in a "love story between a professional hitman and his next target". While that kind of story could go either way on screen, this one goes for a much more energetic, explosive feeling. I'm not sure what is with the English subtitles for English-spoken dialogue, but aside from that, this actually looks pretty cool with a few great shots (like the one seen above). Take a look.


      From the CJ Entertainment description: A love story between a professional hitman and his next target. Jeong-beom Lee's No Tears for the Dead stars Jang Dong-gun (My Way, The Warrior's Way) as veteran killer Gon who receives a mission, which is to target Mo-kyeong. Trouble is, he has developed feelings for her. No Tears for the Dead is directed by South Korean filmmaker Jeong-beom Lee, of Cruel Winter Blues and The Man from Nowhere previously. The film will open in Korean theaters starting June this summer, but no US release date has been set. Visit for more details and stay tuned for updates.


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