Ode To My Father ( 국제시장 )
HWANG Jeong-min (Deok-soo)
The trajectory of Deok-su’s life is forever changed when his father and sister are lost while his family escapes from North Korea. Even though Deok-su is ordinary, possessing no “genius qualities,” it is the brilliance of his spirit that propels him to accomplish extraordinary things for his family. Yet, Deok-su’s heart can never forget the father and sister he lost so long ago. Can Deok-su reunite his family? Can he care for only his family until the end?
KIM Yun-jin (Yeong-ja)
Yeong-ja, the unsung hero of “Ode To My Father” is the support, the center, and the force keeping the family together while Deok-su embarks on journeys to bring money home. Yeong-ja meets Deok-su as a nurse in Germany and, after becoming unexpectedly pregnant, marries him. In the coming years, she becomes his most cherished partner, challenging him to have dreams for his own future, and the strong center of their family.